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Isn't it time to get your body and your life back? Isn't it time to step into your Super Power? 

What do you need in your fitness and nutrition set-up? Where are you resonating emotionally and what's really going on in your life? What are your deepest dreams and desires, and what's holding you back? Whether it's to build the perfect body, or create awesome change in your life, it all stems from the same place - YOU! 

Karen meets you where you're at (it's different for everyone) and begins the journey with you.... whether it's first crafting a workable, sustainable fitness and nutrition plan, that suits your time, goals and budget, or life coaching to get you back on track and steeping back into your life again, Karen will get you to where you need to be! You'll feel reinvigorated and at ease, as you step back into your life with health, clarity and freedom! It's time for you to look and feel GREAT!!   

Take the quiz to see where your life may be off Track! 

"LET'S start building your

Personal Power Map today!" - Karen

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Karen McCoy, teaches women that being strong and feeling beautiful doesn't stop at physique changes. In fact, that is just the starting point. Once a woman learns how to train and eat for her goals, lifestyle and needs, Karen addresses the client's 'Inner Game', as she supports women toward greater personal development.

As an Empowerment Coach, Karen offers a unique strategy to teach clients how to reach their highest potential. No matter what your physical and emotional challenges, Karen is armed and ready to help women step back into their Power and their LIFE again!

Are YOU ready to Step in? Are YOU ready to live your BEST LIFE? Because YOU deserve it!

After 35+ years in the health industry, Karen has walked many walks, first as a fitness competitor, then as a fitness coach and nutritionist. Today, she works with women from all backgrounds, to offer them a three pronged approach to help them get their bodies and lives back on track and moving into their greatest version of themselves. She blends her expertise as a Fitness, Nutrition and Empowerment coach to craft your Power Map that supports you on ALL levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually!


Karen is the Real McCoy!

In today's busy world, we often get thrown off track. As an Empowerment, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Karen can help you recognize and finally change self-sabotaging habits and patterns, and get you looking and feeling great again!



" Karen has endless knowledge of all things related to fitness and nutrition, but she is so much more than just a fitness coach. 

As an Empowerment Coach, she helps kick bad habits to the curb by addressing the root cause of a client’s behaviour.  She is extremely supportive and positive, and has provided encouragement and motivation precisely when I needed it the most. 

She has helped me discover where my fear and self sabotage comes from, AND she helped me lose 9 lbs and 14 inches so far!  I am so happy to be working with Karen! She has helped to set me up on a path to physical and mental well-being!” 

​​​​​​​- Dr. Samantha Bourdeau, Sidney, BC

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"I was very intimated to get back into a health routine again, but after talking with Karen, I jumped back in. It was one of the best decisions I made in 2018. Not only did I get back to feeling healthy and strong, but I started focusing on myself.  Her coaching method isn’t just about fitness, it’s a total lifestyle package, including the emotional and spiritual component.  There are also weekly check-ins where you can discuss that week’s topic and ask Karen anything. 


I am on my way to living a healthy, natural lifestyle. I am learning to be accountable to myself and to not be afraid to push myself into further growth and expansion!  Thank you, Karen, for your insight, strength and humour. You are a true inspiration."


- Victoria Seymour, Warrior Woman since 2017



ARE YOU READY to find your SUPER POWER? Are you ready to live a life of Health, Joy and PURPOSE?

After 35 years in the health and wellness industry, Karen McCoy can teach YOU how to access your hidden Super Powers, and how to live a life of health and healing, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Her decades of experience, coupled with a life of challenge and strife (that she overcame to live a life beyond her wildest dreams) are the root of all her Work. Drop the diet mentality, let go of perfection, heal your stress, and let's get REAL! Your LIFE awaits you...!

FIT & FABULOUS 8 week Mastery Program designed for Women!

KAREN'S tumultuous life of challenge and heartache has made her what she is today...

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It doesn't fall lightly on Karen the irony that for over 30 years she has been training her body with weights, building muscle and strength only to give birth to a child with a terminal muscle-wasting disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). With each passing year, Tristan loses muscle and mobility. 

What started out as a one dimensional fitness career quickly led into a coaching business to help women overcome insurmountable odds. It starts with loving their bodies and treating themselves with respect and kindness. From there, the real work begins....

"Eating well and moving your body is the greatest act of self-love you can offer it", Karen says. But true health and wellness 'is always an inside job". Your beliefs, conditioning, fears and struggles dictate your life. "Change your story, change your life, I always say."

Unfortunately, a lot of women see exercise, eating properly and tending to their challenges and struggles as scary, laborious, or too hard to tackle. But Karen shows clients the joy and freedom when they embark on this Path of self growth, awarenss, and clarity. 

"We are meant to be empowered. We are meant to live our greatest lives, to step into our Greatness, and to live with joy, freedom and ease each and every day. If I can do it, you can too! 

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Karen and her son, Tristan